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Ria Chaterjee reporting for ITV London news on The Wake-Up Room


Breaking The Silence: Knife & Gun Crime, A Parents Pain

Developed by Postcode Parents, this proactive group produced the innovative installation ‘The Wake-Up Room’. This installation shares experiences of pain felt in the aftermath of a child being taken away by knife and gun crime. The Wake-Up Room gives a voice to parents bereaved as a result of serious youth violence, with the intention of bringing about understanding of their trauma and the hope of inspiring change in the community.

  • The Wake-Up Room aims to give a voice to those socially oppressed and bring about social change. 

  • The rapid increase in knife crime across London makes projects such as the Wake-Up Room more relevant and important than ever ‘breaking the silence’ of these secondary victims and their families means forcing their lived experience to the forefront.

  • Though it may make for uncomfortable viewing and listening, there is much to be learned from the accounts of those bereaved through knife & gun crime. This learned information can be used for prevention and intervention.

  • Making meaning by sharing their stories of trauma may provide these parents with some comfort.

  • A wider acknowledgement of their traumatic experiences could impact and improve the social process used to support the victims of knife & gun crime.

The Wake-Up Room was launched at the University of East London's, Way Out East Gallery in March 2019. The Launch was covered by ITV's Ria Chatterjee and was featured on London ITV News (see video Above). 

If you are interested in hosting The Wake-Up Room Installation where you are, please get in contact with our project director Allison Vitalis.


“our speaking out will permit others to speak, until laws are changed and lives are saved and the world is altered forever"

Audre Lorde


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