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Inspired by a life-changing event, The Charlie Burns Foundation was established in March 2015. Charlie Burns lost his life just days before his 20th birthday in a fatal knife attack on the 18th of August 2014. Charlie was training to be a plumber and had just become a father to a beautiful little girl. The Foundation was set up in memory of Charlie. The Charlie Burns Foundation run community initiatives to support, encourage and guide young people and their families on their quest to eliminate knife crime.

The Foundation’s primary objectives are :-

•    Provide advocacy, befriending & Emotional support for the victims of violent crime in the support group, Postcode Parents
•    Introduce facilitators to provide workshops that will respond to the needs of those who attend Postcode Parents 
•    Work with Primary schools to provide early intervention for young people to prevent the pressures of postcode rivalry, youth culture, gang culture/affiliation with the Postcode Pen-pals Project
•    Expose the effects of knife crime (carrying/using a knife or gun/prevention of violent crime) through an installation named The Wake-up Room curated by the Postcode Parents group
•    Promote social change through active anti-violent crime campaigns 
•    Collaborate with external organisations to create safer streets within our community, break the barriers and divisions that cause postcode rivalry and create initiatives that bring communities together to fight against violent crime 
•    Create new projects that respond to the communities needs relating to violent crime 
•    Fundraise to sustain these objectives and promote the longevity of The Charlie Burns Foundation 

"I lost my son to knife crime in 2014. Enough is enough I don't want another family going through what we have and are still going through" Keeley Burns



Since our launch in 2015, The Charlie Burns Foundation has been working hard to prevent violent crime and support the victims. Although we are a small organisation we have made a significant impact in our community so far.



It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference


Postcode Parents are a support group for parents affected by violent crime. Postcode Parents was set up by 'The Charlie Burns Foundation' in November 2015. In the aftermath of Charlie's Death, Keeley Burns, Charlies Mum, noticed that there were many other parents and families that had lost their children to knife crime and decided to set up a regular support group. This is an open group and welcomes families that have lost their children to violent crime, have been affected by violent crime and those who have concerns about their children's behaviour. The group encourages participants to share their stories and offer support to each other. Postcode Parents provide a safe space for users to openly discuss thing such as, family concerns, well-being and share experiences. Once a month an external facilitator from a community organisation is invited to run a workshop with the group with the aim to support, empower and educate. For further information on Postcode Parents, support group times and location see the link below.


The wake-up room is an idea that came from the users of Postcode Parents support group. The group wanted to find a way to expose the wider community of the effects of violent crime. The idea was to create an experience that caused a big enough impact to create change. Responding to the local impact on knife crime, gun crime and serious youth violence, The Charlie Burns Foundation propose to develop the Wake-Up room concept to provide an experience for the local community, local schools, youth groups and parents to attend. The experience would be accompanied by guides and next steps for young people and the wider community. The Wake-Up room will be developed and curated by the Postcode Parents Support group, youth groups and members of the community. For more information use the link below to contact us.


Postcode Pen-Pals is a scheme set up to eliminate the postcode rivalry from the ground upwards. The children write letters to each other, which will then progress to them meeting and going on trips together. Postcode Pen-pals have recently received positive feedback from Ofsted.

 This scheme follows the National Curriculum’s programme of study for key stage 2 Writing, focusing on the development of transcription and composition.  The intention is to improves the children’s literacy skills whilst encouraging them to make friends from other schools breaking the barriers and divisions of postcode rivalry. Postcode Pen-Pals aim to introduce this scheme to other schools in Hackney and neighbouring boroughs. For more information use the link below to contact us.


One of our main causes here at The Charlie Burns Foundation is giving back to our community. Every year we hold a raise money for those less fortunate.

 See how you can help by contacting the Foundation.



London Borough of Hackney



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