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Founder & Trustee

Keeley Burns lost her eldest son Charlie in 2014 to a fatal knife attack. A devoted wife, mother and grand-mother, Keeley is dedicated to providing a strong foundation for her family and keeping Charlie's memory alive.

In memory of  Charlie, Keeley Co-founded The Charlie Burns Foundation. As Trustee of The Foundation Keeley is dedicated to supporting parents like herself who has lost children to violent crime.


Although difficult Keeley first spoke about losing her son at the City & Hackney Safeguarding Conference in October 2018. Keeley is now keen on sharing her story with others to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying and using a knife.



Tais Lima is a yoga instructor, reiki healer, meditation teacher, dance instructor and a community outreach worker in Hackney, East London. Granddaughter of a native Brazilian indigenous spiritual healer, Tais has ancestry from both the indigenous and the African diaspora of Brazil.

In Brazil at the age of 15, her cousin was shot 5 times by the police. He survived but was later brutally beaten in hospital, which resulted in his death. The family have never received any justice. In a deeply instinctual way, this informs Tais’s passion for yoga, community empowerment and becoming a trustee for The Charlie Burns Foundation.


Her classes are attended by people from different backgrounds from the physically challenged to the fitness obsessed. Her classes are a place where everyone feels welcome and included.

“I encourage growth of the physical and spiritual self. My mission is to empower through movement and meditation”.



Natalie Delaney runs Stars N Stripes a non profit organisation that focuses on cycling through cycle roadshows, pop-up play roads, balancability and cycle lessons for all ages. Stars N Stripes also run a youth provision and initiatives that focus on sports. Natalie is a Hackney resident and dedicated to supporting The Charlie Burns Foundation.

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