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We are currently supporting our users and the wider community by providing care packages. If you need any support please contact us on 07368 274 307.


Postcode Parents

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Postcode parents aim to understand and address the vulnerabilities, trauma and healing of parents and families in the aftermath of having  a child being taken away by serious youth violence, gun and knife crime.  Postcode Parents desperately need your financial support so we can focus on the specific needs of our users, by providing counselling and alternative therapies.These practices may prove useful as coping mechanisms towards the improvement of their health and well-being, social identity and social connections. We hope the users are able to bring the skills they learn to improve their daily lives, make them visible in society and work together raising awareness within their communities.

Any money raised would be allocated to provide the much needed, specialised trauma counselling service to users and their families. We will also explore alternative therapies such as reiki, yoga , massage, meditation, art and drama therapy.  We hope these practices will help to improve the physical, emotional and mental well-being of these parents and families that have had a child taken away from them by serious youth violence, gun crime and knife crime.