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Postcode Parents

Support group

Postcode Parents

Postcode Parents are a support group for parents bereaved or traumatised as a result of serious youth violence, gun and knife crime, they also welcome parents who have concerns about their children’s behaviour and the ever-changing youth culture.

The Wake-Up Room

This installation shares experiences of pain felt in the aftermath of a child being taken away by knife and gun crime. The Wake-Up Room gives a voice to parents bereaved as a result of serious youth violence, with the intention of bringing about understanding of their trauma and the hope of inspiring change in the community.

Breaking All Barriers

A collaboration with The Shaquan Sammy-Plummer Foundation and Hackneys Met Police, supported by The PFA and Hackney Council - Breaking all Barriers Charity football match was launched to promote peace in the community and build positive relationships between young people and the police.

Postcode Pen-Pals

An early intervention programme, set up to eliminate postcode rivalry. Postcode Pen-Pals focuses on literacy skills, whilst encouraging inter-school events to break barriers and divisions of postcode rivalry.

...As Therapy

...As Therapy is a programme that provides mental health and wellbeing support to communities, designed to strengthen psychological, emotional, physical and community resilience using traditional and alternative therapies.

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