Interview about Postcode Parents published in The Community Psychologist.

Updated: Jan 27

The Charlie Burns Foundations Project Director, Allison Vitalis was interviewed by Tehseen Noorani from University of Durham about Postcode Parents. The interview was published in The Society for Community Research and Action's quarterly online publication, The Community Psychologist. You can read the interview here.

Allison's thoughts on the interview.

The interview with Tehseen allowed me to speak about the benefits of Postcode Parents and its focus on supporting bereaved parents of knife crime. Being published in The Community Psychologist provides a platform for other self-help groups internationally to recognise Postcode Parents and its practices. Postcode Parents has been running for 3 years and now more than ever there is a need for, not only parents bereaved through knife crime but parents who fear the phenomenon that seems to plague youth culture especially those living in marginalised communities.

Launch of Postcode Parents in Hackney, April 2017.

Currently the group have taken a pause while it re-establishes in 2020. The Charlie Burns Foundation realise the importance of Postcode Parents and the benefits it has for the users and taking a break can be detrimental for the users well-being. In the interim we have ensured that one-to-one support is available. In 2020 we will be providing support in two of Londons boroughs and expanding the service that Postcode Parents provide. We understand the importance of the service that Postcode Parents provide in our community and need to ensure the longevity of the group.

For more information and updates on Postcode Parents please follow our facebook page here.






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